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Dyno Tuning

Two and four wheel drive Dyno tuning. Supply, install and tune aftermarket Ecu. Factory Ecu tuning. Haltech premium dealer.

Our quad retarder Dyno Dynamic’s 4WD dyno provides perfect measurement and testing of all vehicle performance parameters’. Dyno tuning is just like any other modification that is performed. Variations in vehicles mean every tune is different. Sure you can start with a base tune or use a tune from a car of similar build, but the only way to know you are getting the best performance safely out of your vehicle is a full custom tune.

ECU remapping is an important part of the dyno tune process. Adjustments in the ECU allow fuel and timing to be optimized. To maintain the best performance and safety we recommend a touch up tune annually. Factory tunes will compensate for changes over time where with a Dyno tune the parameters are set tighter and are best readjusted to maintain correct operation.

The final parts of tuning are not performed on the dyno. On road performance is checked along with hot and cold starting and idle quality.

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