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Servicing and General Repairs

All vehicle servicing on all make and models, including specialized custom servicing for high performance and race vehicles.

New car, classic car, street car or race car we have the skill and knowledge to service and repair them all. Every vehicle has its own personality. Many factors affect the type of servicing your vehicle requires. Vehicle under manufacturer’s warranty require logbook servicing as per the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain their warranties.  Towing or spirited use will require more frequent servicing and inspection. For the average older vehicles a general rule of thumb is to be serviced every 6 months or 10,000k.

The whole reason to service your vehicle is to maintain reliability and safety. During the service we perform a complete inspection. If during the inspection any abnormal wear is found we will inform you and assist you to decide the best solution. One thing that will never happen is performing any repair without your authority.

Any type of vehicle repair, we have you covered. Brakes right through to engine management diagnosis.

Brakes are one of the most important aspects of your vehicles' safety. We can perform all repairs to your braking system. Everything, pads and rotors to caliper overhaul and ABS repairs.

Driveline repairs and service, like clutch, gearbox, automatic transmission or differential all looked after. Need cooling system repairs, exhaust, electronic fuel injection or engine rebuild just call us.

AutoWorks... the key to your vehicle's performance